2012 - Travels in the Eastern Caribbea, The First Year.

Grenada - November / December

Started my journey north in mid November and enjoyed a Thanksgiving Dinner at Clark's Court. Mark cooked the turkey with David's able assistance.

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Mark, the Cook, and David the Assistant, Thanksgiving, Clork's Court, Grenada
Mark, the Cook, and David the Assistant, Thanksgiving, Clork's Court, Grenada

Trinidad - August to November

After a brief stop in Grenada, I sailed on to Trinidad. Met by Mark at the customs dock and joined the good ship Liahona (Mark and Willie) on the dock at Coral Cove.

Asa Wright

This was my first visit to the Asa Wright Nature Center. Very impressed with the quantity of birds and the quality of the facilities. The main building is a former coffee and coco plantation built in the early 1900s. It existed as a plantation for some 50 years before becoming a nature reserve. It is one of the premier birding sites in the world.

The Pitch Lake

I took the tour to the pitch lake in the Southwest corner of Trinidad. The lake is one of the only pitch lakes in the world, but underwhelming. I am afraid I have seen too many pools of oil and tar on the surface around the world to be excited by another. The sights on the way down and back were worth the trip.

Taste of Trini

Jesse's Taste of Trini tour is amazing. His knowledge of the island, its culture and history is worth the trip alone. The food is a gourmet's delight.

Sampling some of the Tar, Pitch Lake, Trinidad
Sampling some of the Tar, Pitch Lake, Trinidad
Asa Wright Nature Center
Asa Wright Nature Center

Guadeloupe / Dominica - July

After a two day passage from Gorda Sound to Deshaies, Guadeloupe, I enjoyed a nice rest in Deshaies. After that I moved south to The Saints and then on to Portsmouth, Dominica.

Virgin Islands - June

Slowly explored the offerings of both the US Virgin Islands and the British. Stopped in Charlotte Amalie, Megens Bay, and Red Hook on Saint Thomas and Francis Bay on Saint John. In the BVIS, Sopers Hole on Tortola and Gorda Sound on Virgin Gorda. Would have stayed longer but the season was progressing and I needed to get south.

Local Sailboat Race, Deshaies, Guadeloupe
Local Sailboat Race, Deshaies, Guadeloupe

Puerto Rico - May, June

We made a wonderful passage to the Turks and Cacaos Islands. Had to drag our feet to wait till dawn to enter the channel. A dull week was spent in the Turks and Cacaos, but a great sail all the way to Puerto Rico. Landed on the west coast and harbor hopped to Culebra. There unfortunately I needed to repair my rigging. A lower stay had broken. So Chris departed and I began the process of repairing the rigging. Between boat chores, I enjoyed Culebra.

Falls, El Yunque Rain Forest, Puerto Rico
Falls, El Yunque Rain Forest, Puerto Rico

Bahamas - Exumas - April

After spend two months in the Abacos catching up with friends, I was ready to head further south.

I made a night passage from Little Harbor in the Abacos to Hofman's Key in the Exumas. Chris joined me there for the passage to Puerto Rico. The first stop was the Turks and Cacos.

Bahamas - Abacos - March

Spent several weeks catching up with our Canadian Friends and enjoying good fresh caught lobster.

Beach, Guana Key, Bahamas
Beach, Great Guana Key, Bahamas

Departed US - February

Departed Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for the Bahamas with little fanfare. The passage from there to the Abacos was like many others I have done in the past.

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Miami, from Biscayne Bay.
Miami, from Biscayne Bay