SV Wild Matilda

Sailing and Photography

The adventures aboard the Sailing Vessel Wild Matilda and pictues taken along the way.

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Organization and Concept

This site with the accompanying pages has been years in concept. I had originally thought of doing a Blog (there is one that will cover from 2015 on with some retrospective pieces), but much of the material I wanted to include did not seem to fit into the blog format. First, I am coming at this many years into the adventure and second, I wished to include somewhat longer articles that covered subjects that I often get asked about. The Travels section is a look back over nearly 35 years of sailing. In the Photography section, I collect a few of the more than 50,000 pictures I have taken in the past 10 or so years, since digital photography came to me. If you click on most pictures it will take you to a site where I have stored some 3000 my pictures. The link will take you to pictures similar to the one you selected. The sections on Engineering, Weather, and Gear include longer discussions on topics of interest. I hope you find them useful .